Welcome to Pate’s Place. I’m your host, Johnny Pate. You can find biographical information about me on the Internet, including this bio from All Music Guide, but most of what you will find emphasizes my R&B days which, when put into perspective, were just the bridge between my early and later jazz days. Here’s a link to my authorized bio.

Jazz is my passion, and those brief but lucrative R&B hits from the 1960s made it possible for me to support my family and then return to my first musical love, jazz. Now I’m semi-retired, but still in love with jazz. Here at Pate’s Place I will be hosting audio shows featuring my favorites and sharing sounds I think you will enjoy.

You will find the main content in the Shows & Notes area that is set up blog-style, most recent first. There you will find notes from me and links to listen to the shows. Each show is assigned to one or more categories, so if you want to narrow your focus you can filter the list using the Categories links in the left sidebar. Also in the sidebar is the Archives filter that let you browse by month.

Just for fun, I’ll be posting some additional “pages” that you can access from the Pages links in the left sidebar. In addition to my bio (About Johnny Pate) and the Home page that you are reading right now, there is a page (Music By Johnny Pate) with information about some of my original compositions and a link to launch a player with excerpts from selected compositions. The final page, for now, is a PhotoGallery. Lastly, the left sidebar Connections links will take you to the websites of some of my friends.

I hope you enjoy the insights and sounds.