Bob Florence

Here at Pate’s Place, arrangers hold a special place in our heart. This past May we lost this wonderful man. You’ll hear a genius at the piano as well as his fantastic charts.

Afternoon Of A Prawn (on Soaring)

3 Waltzes – A Mirror Image; Elegy; Westlake (on Another Side)

Misbehavin’ /You Must Believe In Spring (Misbehavin’ is on
Soaring; Spring is on Another Side)

Sunny (on Lainie Kazan’s Love Is Lainie and The Best of Lainie, both out-of-print LPs available only through re-sellers such as MusicStack or B&N)

Emily (on Earth: The Bob Florence Limited Edition)

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(Note: The CD titles are linked to for your convenience.)

2 Responses to “Bob Florence”

  1. Mark Rothblott Says:

    I found them on GEMM too!

  2. justin Says:

    Why would you suggest those sites Sunny? Bad form, bad form indeed…
    Like Mark said, you can find “them on GEMM too!”
    Having experienced life without (I used to use the sites that Sunny was talking about) I can honestly say that nothing compares to it. Now I will only go to, and to not even list it when recommending a site to find rare vinyl and LPs is just bad form.
    I wonder if this is like the mac-pc divide (you either hate the pc or love it, same holds for the mac). ..

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