Great Lyrics

Let’s listen to the words. Pate’s Pace is offering a special edition where we will concentrate on the lyrics. And to learn more about the songwriters, click on their pictures.

Here’s To Life, written by Artie Butler & Phyllis Molinary (both pictured below), is the first song on Shirley Horn’s Here’s To Life CD.

       Artie Butler2002        PhyllisMolinary150

When I Was A Child, written by Floyd Huddleston (pictured) and Mark McIntyre, and

Oh Love Hast Thou Forsaken Me?
composed by William Bowers

both sung by Peggy Lee
on her If You Go recording.

Children Will Listen

composed by Steven Sondheim

sung by Barbra Streisand

on her Back to Broadway CD.

An Older Man Is Like an Elegant Wine, composed by Lee Wing, and A Woman’s Intuition, written by Victor Young and Ned Washington (all pictured below), both on Carol Sloane’s Sweet and Slow CD.

LeeWing350   victor_young150   

Don’t Touch Me

composed by Teddy Edwards
sung by Ernestine Anderson

on Blues, Dues & Love News

I Told You So

composed by Duncan Lamont,

sung by Natalie Cole

on Ask A Woman Who Knows

Where Do You Start (music by Johnny Mandel with lyrics by Alan & Marilyn Bergman – all three pictured below) on Shirley Horn’s Here’s To Life, and Someone You’ve Loved composed by Johnny Pate and first recorded by Shirley Horn in 1965 on Travelin Light.

     johnnymandel224H     bergmans224H

You Don’t Have to Say You’re Sorry

written by Patti Austin

sung by Vanessa Williams

on The Sweetest Days

Every time we say goodbye

composed by Cole Porter

sung by Diane Schuur

on In Tribute

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  1. Bobbie Fromberg Says:

    Thanks for the recommendation of Carol Sloan’s version of “A Woman’s Intuition”. I’ve been looking for it for a long time not knowing her name.

    I am the niece of the late Victor Young, collecting memorabilia for my children and grandchildren so they will know their unique heritage. I grew up in his home feeling closer to him than my own father. He had no children of his own so I was the daughter he never had.

    Ned Washington, who I knew very well also, wrote dynamite lyrics. It certainly isn’t easy to take a song with that title and rhyme with ‘intuition’ and make sense.

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