Clare Fischer, R.I.P.

This show was posted last Fall when Clare Fischer celebrated his 83rd birthday on October 22, 2011. We wished him a very happy day and thanked him for all his musical gifts that he has given us. That thanks still applies! This is a gentleman who can be called a musical genius. He was way ahead of his time for many years. Give a listen and you’ll see what we mean.

Opener/This Is Always (Opener is on America the Beautiful; This Is Always is on Waltz)

Thiers’ Tears (on Waltz)

I Remember Spring/America The Beautiful (both on America the Beautiful)

Pensativa/Old Folks (Pensativa on So Danco Samba, 1964, and Old Folks is on Waltz 1969)

The Duke (on Thesaurus 1968)

Blues Bossa (on Momento 1969)

Gilda (on Lembrancas 1989)

Morning (on Manteca!, 1966, no longer available)

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(Note: The CD titles are linked to for your convenience.)

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